Muswell Hill Practice New Patient Registration Form (GMS1) + New Baby Information

Fields marked REQUIRED are compulsory. You should only send this form if you are sure that you are eligible to join this practice. Sending this form will NOT automatically register you with the surgery. Your details will be held at the surgery for a limited period of time. You are required to present in person to sign your registration form and provide proof of your address. Sending this form does NOT guarantee or even imply that you will be accepted onto the practice register. Please input details of the baby being registered, and complete an adult registration form for each parent registering.

Last Updated: 02/10/2020

Initial Questions

Previous GP

Please help us trace the patient's medical records by providing the following information:

Patient's Details

Please help us trace the patients previous medical records by providing the following

Next of Kin

Please provide details of who to contact in case of emergency.

Contact with the Surgery

Important questions to help you use our services - we will use these details to contact you about services for the child you are registering

New Baby Information

Ethnicity and languages

If you are from abroad

Complete Registration

Thank you for completing your registration form, please be aware that forms take 1 week to process, after which you can book an appointment. If you are registering as a household, each person must have their own registration form. Registration forms for adults and children under 15 can be found on our registrations page.