Frequently Asked Questions about the move of The Muswell Hill Practice

Thanks to our Patient Participation Group (PPG), who helped to compile this document.

Where are you moving to?

A few minutes walk away from our current building about 122 meters (370 feet) away.
The address is 54 Muswell Hill, London, N10 3ST

Will the opening hours be the same?


Will the phone number be the same?


When will you move?

We’ll know an exact date nearer the time, but we expect it to be in the summer.

Will any of your staff change?

Everyone who is currently employed will move over to the new building.


How do we get to the new practice?

The main way to get to the practice will be to walk down Dukes Mews. The Council will be resurfacing the pavements.
If you are able to walk down Muswell Hill you can also get to the practice by turning first left.

Are you merging with another practice?


Will it be bigger?

Yes! All our consulting rooms are on the ground floor, bigger than in 1 Dukes Avenue and fully
disabled accessible. We have 11 consulting rooms. We then have a first and second floor for staff
non-patient facing work, e.g. administration, answering reception calls, having telephone and video

Will there be easy entry for wheel-chairs, buggies, prams etc?


What about car parking?

There will be a disabled parking space outside the practice.
We believe there will be the ability to drop off someone outside the practice but the parking
situation is being confirmed.

Will the toilets be big enough for disabled access?

All toilets are fully compliant with disabled access.

Will it still have the personal touch like 1 Dukes Avenue?

The culture of 1 Dukes Avenue will remain! All the doctors and staff will continue to offer exactly
the same “personal touch” service they are used to. Nothing will change. We are finding new ways
of engaging with patients e.g. follow us on Instagram.

We will have more room for a wider range of staff in the Primary Care Team to join us in the building
for meetings/consultations and care e.g. our Health Visitors, Social Prescriber etc and we will be able
to have Group Consultations in the large meeting space available.
Clinicians will have more privacy when making phone calls to patients, with dedicated sound proofed
booths and this will enhance patient care.
We also plan to display art work.

Will GPs call us in at the appointment or will it be like most surgeries now where you sit and watch
for a number to come up?

We will probably have the facility to call patients in via a screen but we expect we will continue to
call in person.

Will you still have a 'Pod' for height, weight, BP, etc?


Will there be security cameras?


Will you be a ‘Green’ Practice?

We intend to invest in a Practice Electric Car for home visits and the new space will enable us to
better improve our carbon footprint and focus on greener practices, more recycling, less waste.