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Self help and self referral

There are many conditions that can be managed without a doctor. On the NHS page, you can find a list of conditions and the best approach to dealing with them. 


Also, there are many other services to support you. Please visit our Self referral page to know more about them.


Face to face and telephone appointments

We offer telephone appointments, video appointments, and face to face appointments. 

To book a telephone or video appointment: you can book online, or call the practice on the day from 8am for a morning appointment or from 2.30pm for an afternoon appointment

To book a face to face appointment: you can call the practice on the day from 8am for a morning appointment or from 2.30pm for an afternoon appointment

We provide appoinments on the same day and in advance. Appointments in advance can be face to face or telephone and are available for online booking. When booking online, please provide a short description of your problem, as that helps your GP preparing themselves to better assist you.


How our appointments system works

We are currently providing more appointments per week than ever before. We offer a range of appointments: face to face, telephone, and remote video.

Many appointments can be booked online, on the day or in advance, with a range of clinicians including doctors, pharmacists and health care assistants.

In Spring 2022 we will be moving into our new building just across the road at 54 Muswell Hill. There, we will not only have more clinical rooms available for face to face appointments, but also more desks for remote consultations, improved accessibility and community space. We do hope all our patients are as excited as we are about the move, as we will benefit from a huge improvement in the working environment.


Doctor appointments

Face to face appointments

These are for problems which require examination (eg abdominal pain, unwell child), if you feel more comfortable discussing your problem face to face, or if your doctor has asked to see you.

Telephone appointments

These are suitable for problems that do not require a physical examination for example to discuss results or ongoing treatment plans. Please do NOT book a telephone consultation if you might need examination – the doctor doing a telephone clinic may be working remotely or may not have access to a clinical room for examination purposes.

A number of both telephone and face to face appointments are made available on the day for online booking (via NHS App), or on the phone with our reception staff. Morning appointments are released at 8am and afternoon appointments at 14.30.

For urgent issues, there is always a GP designated as Duty Doctor. Reception will book you in with the Duty Doctor if appropriate after brief discussion of your problem.


Nurses and Health Care Assistants appointments

Appointments for nurses and HCAs are booked by phone only. The only exceptions are the flu clinics, which are also available for online booking.
You may be invited to book into one of our Long Term Conditions clinics run by our HCAs. Here, they will do the necessary checks eg BP, height and weight, urine tests and blood tests as necessary. They will then book you in for review with your doctor or pharmacist as appropriate.


Pharmacist appointments

Pharmacist appointments are bookable via reception or online and they can be used for medication reviews or queries, long term condition reviews or requesting blood tests.

Special clinics and procedures:

Specific procedures like childhood immunisations, smear tests, coil or implant fitting or removal, joint injections etc., are only made available via reception.

Evening and weekend appointments in Haringey

All patients across England can book appointments to see a GP in the evening and at weekends.

In Haringey, the extended access service is operated by the Haringey GP Federation (formerly Federated4Health) and ensures that patients can see a doctor, nurse, or other member of the practice team at a time convenient to them.

Appointments take place at hub clinics which are based in four easily accessible neighbourhood health centres/GP Practices across Haringey.


Please click here for more information.


If you need an appointment, please telephone us or use the NHSApp. 

Please speak to our admin team if you do not yet have online access. 


Prescription requests do not require an appointment, but requests must be made online (via Patient Access or the NHS App) or through your pharmacy for clinical safety. If you are unable to use any of these methods, you may submit a written request.


BP checks - For routine hypertension reviews, please complete the template via an electronic consultation. You will need to submit a blood pressure reading using a home monitor or our surgery 'Pod' by reception. Our pharmacist will then contact you for review.


Ongoing problems should be dealt with by the same doctor whenever possible. You can request a specific doctor when using electronic consultation, but please keep in mind that it might not be possible at all times.


Home visits are provided for those who are housebound if the doctor thinks it is medically necessary - if you do need a home visit, you can help us by calling reception before 10:00. We do not provide home visits for ‘out of area’ registrations.


Community nurse/health visitor - You can also be visited at home by a community nurse if you are referred by your GP. You should also be visited at home by a health visitor if you have recently had a baby or if you are newly registered with a GP and have a child under five years.


Interpreter - If you require an interpreter for your appointment, please notify the receptionist.  We are able to access a language line service for this.


Care Navigator - You may be referred to a Care Navigator who will be able to assess your home circumstances and signpost you to any appropriate services.